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  • Mtech-in-Mathmetics

    M.Tech in Mathematics

    The primary objective of this programme is to train the manpower required to deal with the problems faced by industry through knowledge of mathematical modeling and scientific computational techniques so as to achieve reduced costs, flexibility and high quality.

    : 2 years
    : B.Tech/B.E./ M.Sc Math

  • Mtech-in-physics

    M.Tech in Physics

    GIVE MISS CALL- 753 10 10 700 OR CALL 08527802460 This discipline aims at teaching students the basicconcepts of solid state technology and its recent applications. Thelecture-based courses deal with the subject at the state-of-the art level, andcover a wide spectrum of topics, in order to provide a broad understanding ofthe different aspects of solid […]

    : 2 years
    : B.Tech/B.E./ M.Sc Physics