M.Tech in Physics

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This discipline aims at teaching students the basicconcepts of solid state technology and its recent applications. Thelecture-based courses deal with the subject at the state-of-the art level, andcover a wide spectrum of topics, in order to provide a broad understanding ofthe different aspects of solid state technology. The topics include synthesisand characterization of materials, semiconductors, magnetic materials, opticaland optoelectronic materials, superconductors, solid state Ionics and semiconductor devices. Since this subject is interdisciplinary in nature, studentsare required to take courses from among related departments. The laboratorycourses are formulated so as to provide necessary training in advanced topicsof solid state technology.
An important component of theprogramme is the project work. The aim of the project work is not only toimpart training in research methodology and analysis but also to help thestudent gain an in depth understanding of a problem of relevance to industry.


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