MBA Industry Integrated

The Master of Commerce covers core competencies in accounting, finance, information systems and e-commerce. This innovative program is designed for people in middle to senior management who are looking for further knowledge in their chosen careers. Graduates in other fields have the opportunity to change career directions through quality courses leading to professional qualifications in the fields of applied finance, electronic commerce, information systems or professional accounting.

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1st Semester
2nd Semester
Management and Organization Behavior
Financial management
Managerial Economics
Operation Management
Business Environment
Business Research Method
Financial & Management Accounting
Business Legislation
Quantitative Analysis
Human Resource Management
Computer Application in Management
Marketing Management
Training Report

3rd Semester
4th Semester
Business Policy Strategic Analysis
Management Information System
Crisis Management
Optional –I
Optional –I
Optional –I I
Optional –I I
Optional –I
Optional –I
Optional –II
Optional –II
Training Report
Project Report
Comprehensive Vive- Voice


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